OK to extend junction box beyond edge of joist?


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OK to extend junction box beyond edge of joist?

Letís say you have a conduit running parallel to a joist (or rafter) and you want to use a junction box to join another conduit running perpendicular to the joist. Is it permitted to have the back of the box positioned against the side of the joist so the parallel conduit can go straight in a side knockout and have part of the box extending beyond the edge so the perpendicular conduit can go straight into a rear knockout? (Iím trying to avoid expensive right angle connectors or bending the conduit 90 degrees to run down into a box mounted to the bottom of the joist because of a space issue.)

Thanks in advance.
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As long as the box is supported independent of the conduit, and the conduit is supported within 3 feet of the box, you are fine.

While it is not an electrical violation, it could be a safety or other code violation if the box becomes a head knocking hazzard.

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