Range breaker wiring


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Range breaker wiring

Thanks for all the good help here. Since I learned here I needed to replace rather than extend my existing 3 wire aluminum, I replaced with 4 wire 6 ga. when I took off the Siemans panel cover (new 200 amp upgrade a few years ago in a 80 y.o. house--previous owner had this professionally done). I was surprised to find two grounding bars instead of one (like my old square D). It appeared one insulated cable ran to one with all the neutrals attached and an un-insualated to another with all the grounds.

I ran my new 4 wire in this fashion--white to the neutral side and bare to the other. To do this I had to go over the top of the bars holding breakers, behind the incoming service. There was plenty of room, but everything else had been run under (I just didn't have the cable length). Is this just asthetics or is there a problem with this?

Bonus question. Everything in this panel looks very well done, BUT I know I have knob and tube in the bedroom/living room circuits and lighting and every breaker in the box is 20A or higher. Is this a dangerous situation? It was inspected when done.
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There's no problem with running the conductors behind the service cables as long as there's no exposed metal on the cables where they might touch each other....that would be very bad.
It sounds like you properly attached the neutral and ground.

Most of the Knob and Tube wiring that I've seen is #14.
This would require a 15 amp breaker.
On most of the older homes that I work on with any K&T wiring, I replace all of the single pole breakers with 15A.
Just a safety measure.
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Look at the conductors of the knob and tube circuits. Are they 12 gage or 14 gage? If 14 gage, make sure the breakers are 15 amp.

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