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adding to a line

I have a older home that has a main circuit breaker on the outside (two wires coming in off the pole). The entire service is new since it was destroyed after Hurricane Rita.

On the second floor there are two fuse boxes. One supports two 220 volt outlets in two separate rooms. I suppose they were installed for window AC before the house had central air. They are serviceable but unused. The second fuse box has eight screw type fuses that support all rooms upstairs. Both boxes are in good shape.

My latest project involves a patio off the back of the house. When complete I want to install a ceiling fan, separate light fixture, a wall switch and an outlet. The area will be used as a sitting area with the ceiling fan constantly and the light on periodally. I want to mount the wall switch in the house.

My can I bring power to this space? Should I attempt to pull from the 8 fuse box (120) or is there a safe way to pull from the 220? I would have to step it down right?
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You do not have two wires coming in from the pole. You have three wires.

Bring power from the most convenient location. You have not described your main panel, so perhaps you have space there for another circuit or two. Or you can use either fuse box, if they can be expanded. There are too many variables and un-supplied information for any of us to tell you what is best.

However, and this is key, at this point in time you do not have the knowledge to do this yourself. Perhaps you can learn enough to attempt this job. Perhaps the learning curve will make you want to hire someone to do the work.

Electricity can and does kill people. Anyone doing electrical work needs to full understand how electrical circuits work before attempting to work on one.
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First, figure out which of your three boxes has unused space in it. Then, as Bob says, figure out which one has the most convenient access. Note that the panel you describe as supplying 220 can probably also provide 110.

One of your sources of information will be this forum. However, it is unlikely that this will be enough to be your only source of information. I suggest you look at your home center for books that describe projects similar to the one you are about to undertake.

We'll be happy to help with any questions that come up along the way.
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if the 240V boxes have neutrals, you can feed oof of them, but I'd replace them, if not the big box also, with a breaker panel.

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