Metal outlet box with RUST???


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Question Metal outlet box with RUST???

Hi again,
--1991 house; had to replace drop-in gas stove. Up-Graded to same style RITZY model.
--Out of the wall comes copper gas tubing, shut off valve, gas regulator, and a new flexible gas line hooking into the stove.
--The size of the gas regulator made stove fit too tight. Punched temp. hole in drywall so stove could slide in place. Didn't get framed in before a mouse visited...but am now.


###I've always had fixed, galvanized gas pipe coming out of my wall for my stoves to connect with. This house has copper tubing. It looks like the same 1/4-inch copper tubing I've used to run water to a refrigerator. DOES THIS SOUND CORRECT? Or, do I have something unusual going on?

###Important: I KNOW I do not have a leak, -- NEW ROOF, & a lot of NEW plumbing. I have now framed out space for regulator & replacing drywall with a 32 x 20 piece. In process of trimming up I exposed the 110-outlet behind stove. Outlet works FINE --- BUT the box is metal, and is RUSTED. Wires look ok, connections ok....but seems odd. ANY IDEAS? Think builder used an old box?? Old leak at one time? Should I REPLACE it before I close up the wall? If so, does the box behind a stove need to be METAL (because of heat, & code)?

As usual, THANKS for your help.
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1. Well, I've never seen copper used for natural gas, and I didn't know it was allowed, but that's really out of my expertise. I doubt that what you're looking at is a gas line. Maybe it is a water line for the refrigerator.

2. If the rust seems to be only on the surface, I wouldn't bother replacing the box. It may have been caused by a former leak, or maybe by condensation. If you can find any evidence of recent leaking, you should certainly fix it. And I'd look pretty hard if I were you for possible leaks.
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to answer that question about copper tubing only way you can verify if you can get in the basement or crawl space normally 1/4 inch tubeing is gernally used for water for refidgeator or icemaker but the gaz pipe for the range or stove it must be 1/2 inch rigid pipe come up from floor or wall " port "

unless you see the shut off valve on 1/4 inch tubeing you can crack open a little and have a bucket or something to catch the water if it come out

but for junction box if have light surface rust i will not worry about it not too much unless it have leak or something affect it.

Merci , Marc
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Copper, maybe, galvanized, never for gas, only black pipe, and flex stainless.
Different manufacturers require the gas connection in different locations, so it may need to be modified. You should never force the range against the gas line.
I agree with the above, if surface rust, not a problem, if major damage, replace. Then look for the leak.
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I'm going to add another opinion.

LOCAL code will dictate the material of your gas line. Some areas will ALLOW copper, black steel, stainless steel, bronze or galvanized steel pipe and some areas will PROHIBIT one or more of these materials. The type of gas (natural or propane) and the pressure will also enter into the proper material.

In any event I think that 1/4 inch outside diameter is far too small for supplying a range.

As for the rust on the electrical could have come from a time between the rough-in electrical and the house being enclosed from the weather. As the others have stated, if it is just light rust then it is nothing to be concerned over.

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