Unwire 3 way circuit powering an outlet


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Unwire 3 way circuit powering an outlet

I have two 3 way switches powering an outlet where all of my entertainment equipment is plugged into. Don't ask why I chose that outlet, it made the most sense for the living room. Anyway, anytime someone turns off a switch, it powers everything down and now that I have a 2 year old that is soon going to be able to reach those switches, I need to do something about it. How do I reverse the wiring so I can put a blank switch plate over both switches and be done with it. On the left hand side of both switches, two black wires are connected and on the right hand side of the switch is connected a red wire. The copper ground is connected as well. The white wires are capped off in the back of the switch box. I was going to just connect the two black wires in both switch boxes and cap off the red wire, put a blank switch plate over the mess and that's it but I'm not sure and since very expensive entertainment equipment is connected to this outlet, I want to make sure I am doing it right. Any suggestions?
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It's possible to rewire everything to get the result you want but there is an easier way. You can purchse, or make, a simple switch guard. It is held on by the plate screws and covers the switch so it can't be moved. Elegant and simple fix. If you're committed to rewiring, repost and I'll give you the schematic
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Basically, at the one switch, connect the common to one traveller, cap the other, and at the other switch connect its common to the same traveller, can cap the unused traveller.
Then plate the holes with blank plates.
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Rockpro has the best idea - I would use the switch guards. They are easy and inexpensive. I have a few in my house and they work great.

If you still want to eliminate the switches, you need to let us know what wires and connections are made in the target receptacle before we can advise on how to make the changes you want correctly.
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Understand that if you rewire the switches you will likely create a code violation. Further, you run the risk that you will forget what you did when it comes time to put everything back the way it belongs.

I recommend that you first investigate the receptacle that is switched. You may be able to switch other receptacles in the room or you may be able to switch half this receptacle. These two options would NOT create a code violation.

Finally, if you cannot switch another receptacle or half this receptacle then I recommend the switch guards.

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