250V to 125V


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250V to 125V

Hi I'm new here and I need some help.
I have an outlet that is wired for 220-250 volts 20A for a window air conditioner and I'm replacing it with a new one that is set up for 125volts 15 amps. I have a new receptacle for the outlet.
Now I need to know how to change the breaker from 20A to 15A and the voltage from 220 to 115 in the breaker box?

Thanks in advance
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For convience sake, lets call the existing recepticle a 240 volt.
and what you desire a 120 volt.

The 240 volt recepticle should be on its own circuit in the panel. Meaning that there are no other recepticles in your house that are also on this circuit. You need to be sure this is true before making any changes. It should be a two pole 20 amp breaker. This will look like two breakers with a tie bar across the handles. Turn the correct breaker off, then go arround the house to any other AC recs you have, and while you are at it check everything else. Everything else in the house should still be working.

Next remove the recepticle. Take note of the wires and colors in the box. Most likely you will have one cable entering the box with a black wire, a white wire and a bare wire. the white wire should be marked or taped a hot color like black red or blue, this may or may not be true.

At the panel this same cable should have the bare ground wire landed on the ground buss, and the black and white wires landed directly to the breaker, one on each pole.

You will take the white wire off of the old breaker and land it, in it's own hole, on the neutral bar. The grounds and neutrals may be on the same bar in your panel. If so this is probably ok. Just find an empty hole and land your white wire there. If this wire was re-identified as a hot wire, remove this marking or get some white color electrical tape and tape over the re-identification markings. Next take the black wire off of the old breaker, then either remove the old breaker or add your new single pole 15 amp breaker. Land the black wire under the new 15 amp breaker.

At the recepticle, land the white wire on the silver color screw, and the black wire on the brass color screw. If you box is metal pig tail the ground to the box and the green screw on the recepticle. If your box is plastic do not worry about grounding the box.

If in your work you find an extra hole in your panel cover, then go buy a blank filler to cover the hole. They make them for every type of panel.

If your situation is different in any way from what I have discribed, post back and let us know. We will be able to help you understand the differences.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.
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Thank You jwhite
Everything was just as you described and went together without a hitch.
The wife made me run it for a few hours this afternoon to make sure I wouldn't burn the house down

I can see now, this is going to be were I'll be hanging out when on the net.


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