cooktop wiring


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cooktop wiring

i am replacing an old electric cooktop with a new one. new one has 1 red, 1 black, and 1 ground/bare copper wire. outlet has all of the above plus white. how do i wire this correctly?
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Do you have the installation instructions? If so, connect it as specified in the instructions. If not, put the model number into google and find the instructions on the web.

If this is a newly manufacturered cooktop, then apparently it does not need a neutral. You didn't mention how the old one was connected, but perhaps it did require a neutral. Chances are that the correct installation is to cap off the white wire from the wall and leave it unconnected. But find the instructions before proceeding.
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Follow the directions that came with the new unit.

The new one is apparently straight 240 volts, with no 120 volt component.

The receptacle is wired for a combination 240/120 volt unit.

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