Outlet in new wall mounting


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Outlet in new wall mounting

I'm building up a couple of new basement walls and I installed some electrical outlets and will put drywall up also. The boxes I used are the blue plastic type. Then have small tangs on the side which I assumed were a depth gauge so that when you install the drywall they would be out from the stud far enought so as to be flush with the drywall finish. What I see now is the the box is not flush with the drywall but rather is apprx 1/4 back from the wall surfacce. Is this a problem ? Do I need to repostion these boxes out the 1/4 inch, or could I just use some washers so the the plug is not just resting/supported by the drywall?
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Yes, that's what the tangs on the side of the box are for. They assume you're installing 1/2" drywall. You may have positioned the tab relative to the rounded edge of the stud rather than the face of the stud.

Up to 1/4" back behind the drywall surface is allowed. More than that is not allowed. But if there's still time (i.e., the drywall is not up yet), I would reposition the boxes. It's make installing the devices easier.

Note that slightly behind the drywall face is MUCH better than slightly proud of it. So if you're going to fudge a little, go in that direction.

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