Trying To Install Light Fixture Plate


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Question Trying To Install Light Fixture Plate

Iam A New Home Owner I Am Trying To Change Out My Light Fixtue Plates. Iam Also Trying To Install New Celling Fans With Lights Can Somepme Tell Me How To Do This Step By Step Thanks . This Is My Very 1st Home.
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Welp, new light fixtures and fans already come with step-by-step instructions. One of those instructions, in fact, is to make sure a qualified person is doing it. What are your qualifications?

Sorry, but we have to be blunt when it comes to electrical safety. A mistake made while plumbing will leave a mess. A mistake made in electrical work will burn down the house and people inside.

What exactly do you mean by changing out the light fixture "plates"? Oh, and you'll notice the forum software took care of your CapsLock problem. Best to just leave it off.
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What are "light fixture plates"?

Buy and read the book "Wiring Simplified" plus at least one other book on home wiring. Then post back with specific questions.
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In addition to Wiring Simplified, also get a book with lots of colorful pictures and diagrams. Such books are readily available in home centers and libraries by companies such as Black and Decker, Home Depot, Better Homes and Gardens, etc.

If your project only involves fixture replacement and no new in-wall wiring, you can probably skip the Wiring Simplified book, as it will go into more detail than you need. But if you are installing new electrical boxes and/or running new cable, you'll need both books.

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