How do I wire a timer, pool pump and breaker?


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How do I wire a timer, pool pump and breaker?

Can someone please help me wire my pool timer, here's what I have: 5 wires coming from a 20 amp breaker (2 red, 1 green, 2 black). The timer (Intermatic) as 5 poles from the left labeled: A, Line 1, Load 2, Line 3, Load 4). The timer also has 2 internal white wires on line 1 and line 3. The pool pump (Sta-Rite) has 3 wires (2 black, 1 green).
Any help would be appreciated.

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Is this a new install or a replacement? This matters.

There are many very special and particular rules for pools and spas.

If this is a new install.
Get a book and read up on the subject,including a 2005 code book ( NEC- available on line).My opinion, your are not ready to do this. I say this respectfully, based on the question.

Do some research on the basics and we'll be glad to help.
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I hate to step in and " bash " on you but don't just get me wrong for a min please.

The pool electrical system is very strict and genrally it kinda out of the DIY scope due the NEC code is very strict.

If this is the replacement to the oringal timer it possblty you can do it but i really suggest to get the real electrician to come out and deal with this system this is pretty tricky to get hook up.

Even thru i will admit here some case i have to bow out on some area because i just can't " see " what you have there at your exsting location so please do respect us

Merci , Marc
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If you have five wires as you describe coming from a breaker then you aren't giving us (or you don't understand) the whole picture.

Start again, giving us all the details.
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let me rephase this one real quick maybe i am not sure if that is correct way

If the OP did stated that the pump wire were 2 black and green then a very good chance the pump is wired on 240 volts.

ok let see if this OP have this info correct here and the question is this timer is 240 volt verison or 120 volt verison because i am little supect he mention white wire at term [ line 1 and line 3 ]

so i going to just sit back a min to verify this one

if this breaker is a two pole breaker or one pole with GFCI ??

[ i am sure i heard some have 2 pole gfci as well but i am not sure depending on the loaction where it requried for it ]

Merci , Marc
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The OP lost me with "5 wires from one breaker". Definitly needs to try to re-explain.
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More description please.

The 2 white on line are the clock motor. Most are 120/240 on the intermatics.

I'm lost with the 5 wires as well, somethings missing. Could be a light,may be...? Is It on a GFCI now? etc.,,
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The connections are one thing. What is the wiring method? Conduit I hope. What about bonding?

Is the OP familiar with wiring pools and ALL the IMPORTANT codes in volved??? I can assume no from the original question.

Explaining how to connect wire A to wire B is one thing. Knowing why is another entirely.

Start with some books on wiring and find one that concentrates on pools. This is NO place to be messing arounbd and learn as you go. It is not nearly the same as wiring a new fixture in your kitchen.
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Sorry for the lack of information.Thanks for all the responses. This was a duplicate replacement of the Intermatic T104 so I thought I could tackle it.
I forgot to mention that a gas heater is also on this breaker,so that would explain the extra wires. While doing the replacement I did 1 pole at a time, but on several occasions a wire would separate because of all the twisting needed
to transfer and I would then replace it and tighten it to the max. When I finished and went to lock the new timer in place of couse there is one loose black wire looking at me. Hope this helps. As you can tell I'm not an electrician but this seemed easy enough. Thanks again.
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Can you please tell us where all the wires that apear to come from the direction of the panel originate. Be specific. If in the panel what amp breaker and how many poles etc.

Also tell us what loads come out of the timer. Include the pump wires and any other loads.

If we do not have complete information with regard to your problem, we cannot give accurate answers.
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Can't add to what has been said but here are the links to the timer ( T104) so we can view them till the OP returns with the information needed.


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