Adding an outlet


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Adding an outlet

I would like to install a 115 volt GFCI outlet on the same feed line as the on/off switch for my 230 volt well pump. The well pump switch is located in an outdoor storage shed. I plan to connect my water softener power adaptor to this outlet. Is this possible? Thank you, Steve
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Possible? Maybe,but probably not.

Legal and safe? Almost definitely not.

Replace the line, if necessary, and place a sub panel out there.
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I have a question or two for Steve to read this :

where is the pressure switch is located in the house or at the pump house??

What type of wire you have now 12-2 UF or in conduct like plastic pipe run from the house to the pumphouse ??

those question will help a bit to get more clear idea what is going on here

Merci , Marc
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I think we need to know the answer to a few more question in addition to French277V's questions.

Is there a neutral ( or white) wire going to the pump house, what is the conductor size, what is the full load amperage rating of the pump ( if not the current rating ,then the horsepower) and what is the amperage rating of the softener.

All this info will help us determine if existing conductors are big enough to supply the amperage needed to run both the pump and the softener. If there is no neutral , or the pressure switch is located in the house it will be necessary to replace the cable or to add additional wiring ( if the run is in a conduit ). If the existing wire is sized too small (like a #12 when you may require 30A) to carry the required amperage it will also neccesitate changing/
upgrading the wiring.

I agree with Racraft, you certainly should set a subpanel in the pump house and feed the equipment you need from it, but first we need to determine if the wiring running to the pump house is going to do the job or not. We need more info in order to give you a complete answer.

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Additional info

Thanks to all who replied to my question. The pressure switch is located in the pump house. The well pump is 1 HP, 8.2 amps and .75 KW. The wiring to it is fed underground through PVC pipe. The wiring appears to be at least 12 gauge and has a black, white and green wire. The breaker for the pump is a double pole, 20 amp each breaker. The water softener has an ac/ac adaptor, 120V AC, 60 Hz input and 24V AC, 400 mA output. What gave me the idea I could add an oulet out there is the previous owner (who was a contractor who built the house) had an electrical feed from the well pump wiring running out to a shed with florescent lights and outlets. The shed is long gone, but if he could get power out to it I was thinking I should be able to run at least a water softener. I do want to do it properly though. Thanks for your input. Steve
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You have no neutral wire. If the previous owner ran 120 volts from this, he did so in an unsafe and dangerous manner.
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I think this was asked last week.

You have three choices.

1: Get a neutral out there.

2: Use a transformer to make the 240V into 120V.

3: install a 240V recepticle, and find a 240V wall adapter for your water softner.
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Adding an outlet

Thanks to all for your advice. Steve

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