running the wires


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running the wires

Ok I started to run the wires for my kitchen as I previously stated. I have been running them based on the advise given. While running them I have hit the main support beam. They are 3 2X8 together that run across the house. I assume it is ok to drill dead center on these and run the wires through as opposed to have to run them and staple them underneath. Also I notice that a lot of the 1952 bx cable is all stapled together about 6 clamped together running along the floor joist. Is this safe?
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drill away. your house is never gonna collaps on me... lol

Just kidding. The only real prohabition to drilling holes is with the newer 2 x 4 engineered roof systems and the like. For real buildings a hole of up to 1 inch will not hurt.

As for the six cables bundled, I see no problem. Some will argue the de-rating factors, but I can do the math if needed to prove this will not be a problem.
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Code today would not allow six cables bundled together, but today's code does not apply to previous work.
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Easy on the holes. Most municipalities have codes regarding the size and placement of hole in bearing structures. For instance, this is from the South Milwaukee Building Code:

(h) Cutting of wood girders, beams or joists shall be limited to cuts and bored holes not deeper than 1/5 the beam depth below the top and located not further from the beam end than three times the beam depth. There shall be no cutting or notching the underside of any required size beam or joist

Now, I don't live or work anywhere near Milwaukee, and you may not either, but you still have to be careful bout the size and placement of holes in girders.

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