Zing Ear Switch


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Zing Ear Switch

My son's bedroom set has an electrical switch in the headboard, on which the rotary end has been pushed in. It was made by Zing Ear (a Chinese manufacturer) and I'm having trouble finding one of these at the retail level. This switch has a rotary button on the end of a threaded stem that measures about 3/8" OD and 1-1/8" in length. The stem needs to be that long to go through the wood of the headboard. It has three wires coming out of a 3/4" by 3/4" base.

If anyone knows of either a Zing Ear retailer or another make of switches that would make a good replacement, please advise.
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See if you can get anywhere with their website.

Just copy and paste the link in your browsers window.

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I emailed them over a month ago but got no response. I was trying to get dealers names from them but no luck.

I just went back and poked around their site then found a way of ordering a sample. Let's see if that works to get me a replacement switch. Thanks mattison.

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You don't say what purpose this switch serves but it would be a good idea if it is for a lamp or other high voltage device that you check to make sure it is fully approved.
The approval also has to be for the whole device and not just on the switch and be valid in your area..

There is a large problem with unsafe electrical devices being imported and reports of failures are common.
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Propably, I am guessing it is a one, other, both type switch.
It doesn't matter if it is a Zing-Ear brand or not.
I'd go to an electrical supply house or specialy lighting hop to find a replacement. I'd also accept substitution with an electrically identical, but uses a different mechanical action to control, such as push or a pullchain.
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Thanks all.

The switch is for a headboard. It has a roughly square plastic housing on the bottom about 1 inch square and a stem 1-1/8" long that feeds up through a 1/4" or so hole in the wood shelf on the headboard, then has the rotary knob on top of that. A brass collar on top and screws on the bottom housing holds the switch in place. Somehow the knob (which is about the same diameter as the stem!) got pushed into the stem, rendering the entire switch useless. This is three way switch that powers lights and plugs wired into the bridge of the headboard. The bedroom set was built in the USA and sold in Toronto, Canada. I have no problem going with a different manufacturer, so long as the stem is the correct length. Most such switches have a stem about 1/8" long! While calling Toronto electrical suppliers nobody has ever heard of Zing Ear and one suggested going to the furniture manufacturer but I have no idea who that is as the manufacturer's name is not on the bedroom set anywhere. The retailer no longer carries the set and I doubt they'll be able to help me getting the manufacturer's name, although I will try.

Zing Ear finally responded but have no interest in my problem unless I order thousands of these switches! I don't believe they have a distribution network in North America making it impossible to get replacements at the retail level. They sell these things to manufacturers directly. I think North American buyers should stop buying from these idiots.

If anyone knows of a place that carries specialty switches with long stems at the retail level, please let me know.
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Some times it takes a bit of creativity to fix things. A different type of switch with the same functions mounted a different way may serve the same purpose. I'm thinking of a multifunction pull-chain ceiling fan switch mounted into a recess drilled into the back of the board the original switch was mounted to.
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Yes, you're right, I may have to improvise if I can't get a like switch through the manufacturer. But since this switch sits vertically on top of the shelf with the base underneath the shelf board, I'd have to drill a larger hole (almost an inch - ouch!) to fit the switch in from the top and then find a way to secure it from the top, like a brass plate or something. But this will not look nearly as nice as the original, no matter how good a job I do.
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I finally got around to solving my problem.

After contacting the furniture and switch manufacturers, in vain, I went to Home Depot and picked up a similar switch with a shorter stem. I then took a 1-1/2 inch drill bit and drilled the underside of the headboard to a thickness that allowed the switch to emerge from the top so I could put on the washer and thread on the two nuts. I also applied a bit of silicone to the base of the switch so it's a bit more stable (the original was housed in a plastic box and screwed on from underneath).

From the top it looks exactly the way it used to.
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(a Chinese manufacturer)

Enough said!

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