Removing Fan/Light Combo along with 3 way switches.


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Question Removing Fan/Light Combo along with 3 way switches.

Whew what a title...

Ok here is the deal, we are knocking down the wall that separates our kitchen and dining room.

This being the case we are removing one switch from our layout in the kitchen.

The Current setup is (excuse the rough diagram)

---Power In ->--|Ceiling Fan/Light|------[Switch 1]-----{120v outlet}
[Switch 2]

The Fan is always hot i guess as we don't control it with switches, just the pull chain on the unit itself, the light is controlled via switches.

The main power wire is 14/3, as well as the wire between the fan and sw1 and between sw1 and sw2.

To complicate matters at least for me, there is 14/2 running from the box that has sw1 in it, that is powering 120v outlets.

So that is all very nice, so what we want to do is, basicall eliminate the 3 way setup and rewire to sw2, as well as moving the wireing to the outlets.

I know this sounds confusing mostly because I'm not useing the correct electrial terms.

Any one with suggestions or guidiance would be appreciated, esp on the elimination of the 3 way setup.


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The wiring you have described does not match the way you have described operation. Forget the drawing. Just tell us what junction boxes you have what the wiring is between the boxes.
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Here's what you have:

One 14/2 is bringing power into the fan box. The black of this power 14/2 is connected to the black of the fan and the white of this power 14/2 is connected to white of the fan. This supplies constant power to the fan.

The 14/2 power is also connected to the 14/3 going to the switch. Black to black (probably), white to white. The 14/3 red is bringing switched power back from the switches, so it is connected to the blue (or black with the white stripe) from the fan.

At switch 1, the 14/3 red from the fan is connected to the "common" screw. This is taking switched power back to the fan's light. The 14/3 black and white from the fan should be connected to the 14/2 black and white to the unswitched receptacle. This provides unswitched power to the receptacle. The 14/3 black from the fan is (probably) connected to the 14/3 white going to the second switch. This is taking unswitched power on the (remarked) white wire to the second switch. The other two wires (red and black) from the 14/3 to the second switch are travelers--they are bringing switched power back from the second switch, and should be connected to the two traveler screws on the first switch.

At the second switch, the (remarked) incoming white (constant hot) should be connected to the "common" screw. The black and red should be connected to the traveler screws.

This isn't the only way this can be wired, but it probably the most likely way.

You have a problem. If you were eliminating the wall with switch #2, the solution would be trivial. But it is much harder to eliminate the wall with switch #1. You'll need more cable behind the walls. Run a 14/3 from the fan box to the switch #2 box, and a 14/2 from the switch #2 box to the receptacle. This is assuming that you want to keep the receptacle, which you didn't exactly say. You can then remove the cable from the fan box to switch #1, and from switch #1 to the receptacle, thus allowing you to remove the switch #1 and its box.

Once we settle on this, we can give you more precise connection information.

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