Guitar Pedal Power Supply


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Guitar Pedal Power Supply

I want a power supply that will work for behringer stomp boxes, with multiple (about 5) power outputs. I'm no genius when it comes to this type of electronics so is there any simple way I can adapt a power supply to have multiple outputs when each "channel" needs 9V, 100mA power?

Any advice will be awesome.

Thanks in advance
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Not usually. The best solution is to use separate transformers and a power strip. You cannot adapt one of your existing transformers, because each one is only powerful enough for one pedal. You would need to find a transformer that's large enough to supply all of the pedals simultaneously yet has enough internal voltage control to maintain 9V while only one was on.
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Ok fair enough, but say I was to find say a 27V transformer, how could I adapt that to have three 6V outputs, and what would be the problem with doing that?
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You could build your own 6v power supply with enough power for all the boxes, the issue is controlling the voltage to each box independently so when you turn on one box, you don't get a drop in the others.

You'd need a transformer, rectifiers, and probably some voltage regulators to do what you want to do. A quick google search turned up this:
It's much more focused towards larger power supplies (for power amplifiers and such), some of the information may be helpful.

It's apparently been way too long since I've played around in the electronics field...
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I think the power strip idea sounds more appealing now...
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Something like this would work well for what you're doing.

Also, they can be found for considerably better prices at any number of online music stores. Well worth the price to save the hassle in my opinion.
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The company that makes your stomp boxes also makes a pedalboard with a 1.7amp power supply. Other companies, such as Boss, make them as well.

Pedalboards are great because they reduce setup time, protect the pedals, keep the stage floor clean, and serve as a carrying case.

They all seem to be around $150USD street price.

-- RJ

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