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Electrical wiring for hot water dispenser and garbage disposal

Electrical wiring for hot water dispenser and garbage disposal


Old 04-17-07, 07:13 AM
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Question Electrical wiring for hot water dispenser and garbage disposal

I currently have a garbage disposal on a switch and plugged in underneath my sink. I just hooked up a hot water dispenser and plugged it into the same outlet as the garbage disposal, not realizing that the switch for the garbage disposal operates the entire outlet and therefore i would not get hot water unless the switch is on. How do get the hot water dispenser to work without using the switch? Thanks a lot.
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Old 04-17-07, 07:16 AM
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You may not be able to do this without rewiring.

With the power off, remove the cover from the receptacle and then unscrew the receptacle. Gently pull the receptacle out of the box but do NOT disconnect any wires. and tell us ALL the wiring inside the box and/or connected to the receptacle. Tell us ALL the wiring in as much detail as possible. What cables enter the box, what color wires are in those cables and how those wire are connected.
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When Bob says "with the power off", he means with the circuit breaker off, not merely with the wall switch off.

The key question is how many cables enter the box. If only one black/white/bare cable enters the box, you'll need more cable in the wall. If there are two cables coming into the box, you may be able to get by with the existing cables (although you still need to answer Bob's questions).
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I have the same set up. What I did may not be code-compliant but I plugged in a wireless remote switch and plugged the disposal into that.

Now I can turn off the instant hot-water dispenser, days often go by without my using it, and when I want to use the disposal I turn on the main switch and then use the wireless remote to activate the disposal.

I rarely use the disposal and some day (if I live that long) I will either run a dedicated circuit or else connect the disposal to the dishwasher circuit.
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what the heck do you need a hot water dispenser for anyway....tell your wife it's too fancy
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Often the power from the breaker panel goes to the outlet first, then a wire goes from there to the switch. If this is the case, you're in luck. You can split the outlet, so one plug stays hot and the other is switched. The way to split the outlet is by breaking off the metal tab that connects the two screw terminals on the outlet that are usually brass colored.(the hot side of the outlet) Then just add a wire to the unused screw terminal and connect it to the incoming hot wire.(this wire is going to have a wirenut on it, and be connected to one of the wires that goes up to the switch)
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