Wiring guage - remodel


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Wiring guage - remodel

Hi I am new to the forum and have two questions about wiring guage. I have an existing circuit that has 12 guage wiring with both lights and outlets on the same circuit. The wall switches however are only rated for 15A not 20A. The breaker for this circuit is 20A in the service panel. I am remodeling the room.

1. Can/should lights be on a 20 amp circuit? If so does the wall switch and all outlets need to be rated for 20A? The existing leads on the light are I believe 16 guage.

2. I lights can be on a 20a circuit then should all wiring be 12 guage since it is a 20a circuit?
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1. In the US lights can be ion a 20 amp circuit. There is no requirement that they be on a 15 or a 20 amp circuit./ Some people prefer to put them on 15 amp circuits because 14 gage wire is easier to work with. The wires inside the lights have nothing to do with the circuit size. In the US on a 20 amp circuit the receptacles can be 15 amp receptacles as long as there is more than one receptacle.

2. For general purpose circuits you need 12 gage wire (or larger wire, smaller gage) for 20 amp circuits and 14 gage wire (or larger wire, smaller gage) for 15 amp circuits.
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In summary:

1. Yes/Optional. No.
2. Yes.
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