Flourescent ceiling light burning out


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Flourescent ceiling light burning out

I have a recessed ceiling light that appears to be burning out very quickly within 10 minutes of installation. Two other lights are installed on the same circuit with no issues. The light is near a kitchen cabinet 4 inches or so. The housing is rated for installation with insulation.

Any ideas on what the issue may be?
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What types of bulbs are you using? Are you using the same type of bulbs in the other fixtures? Are the other fixtures the same type of fixtures? What size are the bulbs and are they within the maximum wattage specified for the fixture?
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Please be more specific about the kind of bulbs and the kind of fixture. Are these compact fluorescent screw-in bulbs? What wattage? Is the fixture a circular recessed can light? What diameter? Are you sure that they are burning out, and not just being shut off by a thermal protector?
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CFL--light specifications

These are 3-1/4" recessed cans. The rating on the fixture is:

R20 - 30 watt, R16 - 40 watt, A19 - 40watt

I am using all of the same bulbs a compact 14 watt screw in bulb

They may be shutting of on a thermal protector -- who do I check just let the bulb cool down??
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Swap a bulb from a fixture that isn't giving a problem with one from the fixture that is. If the bulb from the problem fixture works in the non-problem fixture and the bulb from the good fixture malfunctions in the problem fixture then you know it is the fixture.
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Not every fixture will accept a CFL. Maybe this is one.

If the thermal overload is shutting off the bulb, then the bulb will come back on if you wait long enough.

The bulb-swapping idea is good.

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