New 220V Garage Circuit...GFCI??


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New 220V Garage Circuit...GFCI??

I am adding a new 220V garage circuit for the purpose of running a welder and any future tools (not at the same time). The welder current draw is rated at 22amps max.

I am running a new circuit and I want as much future flexibility as possible. I only need a 10/2 run on a double pole 30amp breaker, but will run 10/3 for flexibility.

Since this is a general purpose garage outlet, how do I add GFCI to a 220V circuit most economically or do I even need it at all? I didn't find any GFCI L6-30 outlets, there were some double pole 60amp breakers (didn't find double 30amp) but they were $$$.

Also, this is not really necessary and I don't think there is a proper way but is there a way to leverage a 10/3 circuit for both 220V and 110V outlets?
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It is not required , nor is it even a good idea . The GFCI would trip the moment you struck an arc.

for 120/240 you need three wires, two hots and a neutral. And of course your ground. If you do run 10/3 then you could change to this config later in time.

However you can not have any duplex receptacles on this circuit. Run your 10/2 on a 30 amp for your welder . Run a seperate circuit for your outlets and protect them with a proper breaker.
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Ah. I'm relieved that I don't need to worry about the GFCI.


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