3-way switch requirement.


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3-way switch requirement.

what is the code requirment for 3-way switches? somebody told me if two entries into a room (like a kitchen) are 6 feet apart, you need to install them. Any idea?
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The US National code only requires one switch to a room. The only requirement for 3-way switches is at the top and bottom of stairs (with some exceptions).

Local codes vary, and if you're outside the US, then I don't know. Please fill in your location in your profile.
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Thank you. NJ.
A local electrician told me so. But 3-way switch does provide convenience.
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Remember that the code is a minimum standard. You can exceed the code. You can have receptacles spaced closer than 12 feet in a room; you can have more than two small appliance circuits in the kitchen; and you can have more than one switch controlling a light.

Now that does not mean you should go overboard, but I would certainly use one switch at each entrance to a room, especially a kitchen which might just have a kitchen table that could get bumped into on the dark.

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