Sconce and service panel question


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Sconce and service panel question

First question is about wall sconces. Doing a small renovation and wife wants a few sconces. What size box would you generally use for wall sconces? (wall is completely open so access is no issue) I picked up a couple 4 in round ceiling boxes, but now wonder if they may be too large. Second question is for the code experts. Is there anything in the NEC that says each romex entering a panel must be in a single romex connnector. Or could I use a single connector for 2 pieces of romex. Starting to run low on KO's on top of panel and don't really want to enter from bottom. My gut says 1 per connector but want to double check
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Most sconces can mount to any box (3" round, 4" round, rectangular). If you want to be sure, buy the sconce now before you install the box.

Most NM (Romex) cable clamps are rated for one or two cables.
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You can use an octagonal box or a rectangular one. Get one that the sconces fit over.

You can have two cables through a single NM connector (or most of them anyway).
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thanks for the help guys

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