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Dimmer quit working

My brother just called me, with an electrical problem. He said he was doing some light electrical work for our grandmother. She had ask him to change her
dimmer switch for her recessed light. the light being about 20 ft. or more up.
While he was doing some other work for her, she came to him and told him not to forget to replace the dimmer switch. He then told her he had alredy replaced it she said "well it's not working", my brother said when he replaced it he turned it on and off a number of times and it worked great. Grandma takes him to the dimmer, and it didn't work. He goes to the panel and switched each switch on, off and on. He goes back to the dimmer, still doesn't work???? (By the way none of the switches are marked in the panel)
I suggested he use his tester on every low voltage to see if everything was ok there. That's all I could tell him. He tested for voltage at the dimmer before
going to the panel box, NOTHING. Although it worked fine before.
Any suggestions????

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Are you telling us that he changed the dimmer switch without turning the power off? That is the fastest way to destroy a dimmer. It is also a good way to get a nasty shock or even kill yourself.

Anyway, whatever else he did (probably also without the power off) fried the dimmer. Replace it and start over. However, do the right thing, turn the power off first.
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Make sure you put a good "Title" for your posts. Do not put your username as your Title or else your post might not get the attention that it needs. I noticed you did this in the Flooring forum as well. Just a suggestion.
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dimmer quit working

Oh no Racraft, Since our grandmothers panel switches are not identified he
would not have done any electrical repair without cutting off main, which he did
Actually there is no power at the dimmer.
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dimmer quit working

Thanks for the imformation Hotinokc, I'm still new to this.
I'll get the hang of it. I think this forum is the best thing since sliced bread
Thanks again
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It is possible that the light was gfci protected, might want to check all gfci's to see if any tripped. If no power is in the box with the dimmer then you have lost a hot connection somewhere in the branch circuit.

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just a thought. it could be that this dimmer is somehow originally miswied and is on the load side of another light swith in the home.

try flipping the rest of the switchs in that room/ area of the house one at a time and keep trying the dimmer again.
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We should very precisely clarify what "doesn't work" means. Does this mean that the light doesn't come on at all, or that you cannot control the light intensity with the dimming function?

We should also clarify exactly what "no power at the dimmer" means. We need to know what test instrument was used, what scale it was set to, and exactly what points (plural!) the probes were on.

It would also help a lot if you would put your city in the Location field of your profile. And tell us if your grandmother's city is different, and approximately in what year her house was built.

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