Wiring from Crawl Space to Outdoor Panel


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Wiring from Crawl Space to Outdoor Panel

I will be running new circuits in the crawl space of the house. The easiest way for me to get back to the main panel (which is located outside) will be to drill a hole in the crawl space siding, then use PVC conduit on the outside to go the two feet up to the bottom of the main panel.

I've been reading that I cannot simply take the NM cable with the outer jacket from the crawl space and stuff it through the conduit up to the main panel (although it is that way with some of the existing circuits). So what's the best way to make the transition to the main panel outside?
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NM can be run in conduit for short distances to protect the NM.
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Have a large enough JB at the end of the conduit and connect your NM in there. Then run THWN conductors from the JB to the panel
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Wiring Crawl Space to Panel - Derating?

I'm planning to have a junction box at the end of the conduit and connect my 12 gauge NM in there. Then I'll run THWN conductors from the junction box to the panel. A few questions:

1) I believe I can keep the conduit run less than 24". So I don't have to worry about derating, right?

2) Even if I am exempt, are there any good weblinks on derating?

3) I have one remaining knockout on the panel - a concentric with 1/2", 3/4", and 1". I'll probably go with 1" conduit to have room for future expansion. I'm planning on running one green THWN ground wire in this conduit. Is there a limit to the number of circuits than can share this ground?
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1) Conduit 24" or less is exempt from derating.

2) Not really.

3) All circuits in the conduit may share the ground wire. The ground should be sized to match the largest circuit in the conduit (#14 for 15A, #12 for 20A, #10 for 30A to 60A).

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