Outdoor wiring for pier lighting for a patio


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Question Outdoor wiring for pier lighting for a patio

I am in the middle of wiring 4 lights that sit on top of piers for my patio. My question is, can i use both 14 and 12 gauge outdoor underground wiring for this project. I was told by an electrician that i could mix the 14 gauge and 12 gauge wiring together if i didn't have enough of one or the other. Each light has three light bulbs with a max wattage of 60 watts. Therefore i would have a total wattage of 720 watts. Does this matter, is one light going to appear brighter than another? Please provide any feedback. Thanks a lot.
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As long as the breaker is 15 amps (not 20), then you're allowed to mix. It's not considered the best workmanship and making waterproof splices will cost you more money than what you save on wire. It won't affect the brightness of the lights (at least not enough for you to notice).

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