Installing ceiling fixtures in bedrooms


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Installing ceiling fixtures in bedrooms

The house I'm currently living in was built about 40 years ago. At that time ceiling fixtures were not installed in the bedrooms. The bedrooms have receptacles that are controlled by a wall switch. The receptacle itself has two lines coming into the box. One line is 14-3 w/ground and the other is 14-2 w/ground. The receptacles are wired with the two (white) neutral wires connected to the receptacle and the red (hot) wire also connected to the receptacle. The two black (hot) lines are spliced together. My question is can I run the line for the ceiling fixtures which is also 14-2 w/ground into the receptacle box and splice the (red) hot and (white) neutral wires from the 14-3 line togeteher with a pigtail back to the receptacle so the switch controls both the ceiling fixture and the receptacle.
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The danger is that you have too many wires in the box. You will need boxes that are at least 20 cubic inches. More if the boxes are metal and have built in cable clamps.
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If you can, do it down to the switch box. Find where the switch box goes, and redo it, if need be.

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