Flourescent light problem


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Question Flourescent light problem

We had a flourescent light in the bedroom go out on us last night. It went out all at once. Removing the cover, we noticed it had two rings. We went to the local home store and bought two more rings, but after plugging them in the light still doesn't work. Could it be something else, other than the bulbs? Is this something we can do, my hubby is somewhat aquainted with electrical work? Please help!
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Have you verified power to the light?
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How do we verify the power? The bulbs are brand new. We did check the breaker. It was still on.

Also I realize belatedly that is in the wrong area of the forum.
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Turn the breaker all the way off then on and try the light again. Ballasts can fail on lights. There should be a cover you can remove. Turn the breaker off before removing the cover. Smell alone may be a good indicator of a failed ballast. If theres a burnt smell it's a good indicator of a bad ballast. Another indicator is black tar like substance coming from the ballast. At this point it is probably time to decide if it is cheaper to replace the ballast or the fixture.

If the ballast looks good and smells OK find the black and white wires from the ceiling (may or may not be a Jbox) connected to the light. (There may be more wires from the ceiling. Do not touch those.) Remove the wire nuts only on the two wires connected to the light but do not disconnect anything. Make sure that the two exposed connections are not touching anything including each other. Standing well clear of the light turn the breaker back on and flip the wall switch on. If no smoke test for voltage with a neon tester or an analog volt meter. If you have power at the ballast it is probably the ballast even if no sign of damage.

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