30 amp Breaker question


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Arrow 30 amp Breaker question

I have a empty 30 amp breaker now and what I want to know is can you use ths to make a small sub panel out of. What I want to do is to use it for a few out lighting areas. how many outlets can come off it. Or can I make a small sub panel from this
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Spare space in a panel does not mean spare electrical capcity.

We need to know the size of the panel (100 amp, 200 amp)
We need to know how much load is on it now.
Size of house, size of major appliances including range, water, hvac, heat strips, dryer, washer etc. All of them.

Then we need to do a load calculation on the existing service.
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You can use the 30A breaker to supply a small 4 circuit panel, with up to four 15A breakers.

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