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Question Electricity to Garage

This is an oddity...at least in my book! We've lost power to our detached garage. The electrical wiring travels from the house, under the driveway, to the garage. There is power along this circuit until it travels under the driveway. So, there's an outlet on the house (on the same circuit) that has power but nothing out in the garage. I tested the outlets in the garage with just a simple three-pronged tester. This test showed the hot/gound had become reversed. Does this "just happen?" We haven't been doing any electrical work in the house or garage.
Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
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Hot ground reverse indicates an open neutral. Check the neutral wire connection at the house and at the first location in the garage.
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Or -

I had a buried 12/2 ( underground rated) running to my detached garage serving some recpeticles. One spring I was getting intermittent connections, popping the breaker - When it was cold out, it would work, when it warmed up, usually not.

When I dug up the wire, I found that where it was near the favorite place for the dog to pee, the insulation was rotted away. Evidently when the ground got cold at night, the bare wires wouldn't touch, but they would move around when the ground warmed up.
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It would take more than dog pee to rot UF wire , and the innder insulation. Maybe a mole or local hunrgy vagrant ..?

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