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Switch Question

I need a few pushbutton switches for a project and I need momentary contact switches that will run small motors while finger pressure is applied and the motor will stop when finger pressure is removed. I ran across some DPDT rocker switches in the Allied catalog that look like one switch would work to control two motors.

There are several types of the switches, described in the catalog as "on-off-on" "on-none-on" and (on)-off-(on). Can anyone tell me what the difference is between "on-off-on" and "(on)-off-(on)" with the parenthesis ()?


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I think I vaguely recall the parenthesis are to indicate the momentary nature. So an on-off-on is a 3-position switch; the switch will remain in any of the 3 positions. An (on)-off-(on) switch will stay in the off position and is spring loaded so you have to hold it to either of the (on) positions.
An on-off-(on) switch would be momentary to only one on position.

You may want to call Allied's customer service to confirm.

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Thanks and you are correct. I called Allied and they didn't know and referred me to an 800 number of one of the switch manufacturers where I promptly got lost in the voice mail system. I finally found an explanation that verified exactly what you said in another catalog - Sandy's Electronic Parts.

Before posting here I tried Google which usually works, but not this time.

Thanks again,

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What size motors?
You may need motor rated switches.

Why double throw. Dont you want one switch per motor?

Do you want latching or non latching?

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