110 outlet questions


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110 outlet questions

Hello, I hope you can advise me. I rented a house that may have some electrical issues. When I was shown the property I noticed a few burnt outlets. The landlord said he had the issue fixed and the outlets have since been replaced. A few of the outlets are testing out at a reversed netural/Hot state. a few outlets are showing no ground. The breaker is 100 amp.

At the moment every outlet is testing at 124.1 all the way to 127.7 volts. is this too high ? Scared to plug my computer or plasma tv in

Thank you
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I have read 5 codes of different countries none would tolerate such braker for gpo's.
When putting on to high load, some component may be starting a fire.
Just be a little careful, and keep your equipment in good condition.
The breaker panel shold be redesigned according to local codes.

The voltage shold be OK, 120v +/- 5% is perfect. 10% will usually not cause problems.

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The voltage is fine.

Reversed polarity is a real problem for some electrical devices. Essentially anything with a polarized plug.

The no ground is not a problem unless you actually need a ground (such as for computers and some electronics).

Do nothing yourself. Make the landlord fix the problems.
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As Bob says, the only definite problem you have is the hot/neutral reverse. This problem is trivial to fix. Have your landlord send an electrician over to fix it. It'll be a very cheap and quick fix.

The fix for "no ground" is either very simple, or very hard. If very simple, the electrician can fix this while he's there. If very hard, you're probably going to have to live with it. Just plug your electronics and other three-prong plugs in elsewhere.

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