Chandalier help


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Chandalier help

I'm having problems with my chandalier. I am replacing it from a ceiling fan. The wires from the ceiling has black, white, red, and ground wires. The new fixture has black, white and ground. The wall switch has black, white, red, and ground. What do I do with the reds?
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Well, you haven't told us ALL the wiring, but the most likely case is that the red wire in the ceiling gets connected to the black wire of the light, the white wires get connected, the grounds get connected, and the black wire in the ceiling gets capped off.

However, all bets are off if you changed the wiring at the switch in any way.

The key to knowing for sure is to know how the wires were connected to the old fixture and/or how the wires are connected in the switch box.
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Kudos to racraft! Thanks for your help.

I hadn't changed any of the wiring on the switch, nor in the ceiling. I knew that would just lead to more problems.

Just as you said, cap off the blacks, and joined the red to the fixture worked.

Thanks for making my wife very happy!!
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blacks? plural?

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