My refridgerator has a fever.


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Angry My refridgerator has a fever.

Hello yall:
Yes my refridgerator is running a temperature. The freezer only gets 32 degrees. My ice cubes are really slush.

My home was built in Texas in 1954 and has the same electrical system that originally came with the home at that time. (to my knowlege) Last year a new housing project was built on a vacant field adjacent to my home. To my horror the rats decided to take up residence with me. I exterminated - but I am concerned about what damage they may have done before their demise.

Now to the point. My question is: The outlet that my fridge is plugged into. How can I find out if my plug-in is working properly? How do I know if the particular plug in has enough "juice" to serve my fridge properly?

I know for a fact that the problem is not the refridgerator nor the temp settings on the fridge itself.
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I know for a fact that the problem is not the refridgerator
How did you determine this? It is very unlikely that the receptacle would still work at all and not be able to provide enough power.

Have you plugged anything else into the fridge's receptacle to see how they function? Have you plugged the fridge into another outlet with a temporary extension cord (of at least #14)?
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Does the light come on? Is it normal brightness?
I have never heard of a power issue causing a fridge to not cool enough. It usually just burns them out.
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Your refrigerator is bad.
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Take the back cover off the fridge and vacuum out the dust bunnies that live in the condenser coil area. An accumulation of these feisty things will cause it to die a slow death. Also, since you are doing a PM on the fridge, check to see if there is any ice build up on the internal vents in the freezer, occluding the air passing in and out.

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