No power in outlet


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No power in outlet

I just purchased a condo, and when the county housing inspector came to approve for occupancy by tenant he noticed that there is no power to 2 of 3 outlets in one bedroom. My options are to repair it or to cap & cover it. I would prefer to repair but don't know how. Should I try just replacing the boxes? There is a non working GFCI (has power but GFCI not tripping)in the bathroom, not sure if its on the same circuit or if its relevent but I noticed that question come up in other strings. Building built in 1963.
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First thing is to determine what's on what circuit. The whole house should be mapped as soon as you can. Obviously we can't do the dead ones yet, but that might be related to the GFCI, so...

Let's repair that GFCI. Turn off its breaker and note which wires go where on its back.

Who sold you the condo with non-working GFCIs and receptacles? Why aren't THEY fixing them?
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Hind sight is, of course, 20/20. You should have inspected the property and had these issues addressed before you bought it.

Yes, this is easy to fix. What is going to make it difficult is that you don't know what is on each circuit, because you haven't had a chance to figure it out yet. But I know you will be smart and take the time to do this when you get a chance. It is unlikely that the panel is properly marked.

The easiest way for you to fix the problem would be to call an electrician.

For you to tackle it, I would start at the GFCI. If it won't trip then it is likely wired backwards. I suspect that someone installed it to make it easier to sell the condo (it would look safer), but did so wrong.

The two wires that supply power to the GFCI get connected to the LINE terminals of the GFCI. The other wires get connected to either the LOAD terminals or also to the LINE terminals, depending on whether you want the other parts of the circuit GFCI protected or not.

Open the GFCI box (with your main circuit breaker turned OFF) and tell us (without disconnecting anything) everything in the box. Describe in complete detail what cables exist, what wires are in those cables and how those wires are connected to anything. Tell us everything.

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