Dimmers per lighting circuit


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Dimmers per lighting circuit

I have a question. I see in many leviton product guides that you should use only 1 dimmer per lighting circuit. Is there a specific reason for this? Just curious, I ran a home run for some recessed lights and wall sconces and was gonna put each on a dimmer (2 dimmers) but dont want to create a fire hazzard, Thanks in advance
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I believe what they are saying is that you should not use more than one dimmer per branch of a circuit, not per entire circuit. In other words, do not use more than one dimmer for each light or set of lights to be controlled by a single switch or set of switches.
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If you have two switches that control the same lights (three way setup) then you can only use one dimmer. The other switch has to remain a switch.
However there are dimmers that will work with three way setups. They cost considerably more than normal dimmers.
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I agree. They shouldn't mean circuit as in which breaker on the panel, but rather which bank of lights from a switch system.

Many of the sliding dimmers now work for either 3-way or single switch systems, but check the packaging. Of course, these are typ. $15 dimmers anyway.

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