Is this dangerous?


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Is this dangerous?

I purchaced a house a couple years ago which was built in 1948. A lot of the wiring is old 2 conductor. At some point the previous homeowner replaced many of the outlets in the house with grounded outlets (and gfci where reqd.). To provide a ground line for these he ran a single 14ga wire from the service pannel as the ground for all the recepticals (about 12).

Just to clarify, a single 14ga wire is used as the groung for 12 different outlets.

Is this dangerous?
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If he ran it to the ground/neutral buss on the service panel, it's OK. Ideally the ground buss should be connected to a cold water pipe(if copper), and there should be a ground rod outside.
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This is legal if, and only if, the circuits are all 15 amp. If there are any 20 amp circuits then this violates code.
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I don't know if any of those are on 20A breakers, I still need to map out exactly what each fuse does, which is not a fun task. I have only mapped out a few of them at this point as the wiring in the house is very odd.

As an example, one fuse controls 2 outlets in one bedroom, a light in another, and an outlet in the dining room. None of these rooms share a wall. Pretty much the whole house is wacky like that. Kinda hard to fit an accurate description on the little tag sometimes. Not that that is really relavent, just one of the many quirks I am discovering in this house.

Thanks for the info.
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While your wiring does not meet current codes it is completely normal for the era in which it was installed. The theory being that you do not want a fuse blowing (or circuit breaker tripping) to leave you completely in the dark.

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