Another wire gauge question


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Another wire gauge question

I'm running THWN through conduit (3/4") to shed. It is about 50' from source that is protected with 15 amp GFCI breaker.
Question 1 is: 14 or 12 gauge?
I'll be running 2 lights and 2 outlets (small dorm refrigerator). No power tools; it is only a storage shed and outlet might run a leaf blower or shop vac.
Question 2: Do I need to use conduit in shed or ok to use NM or UF? If conduit, I'm planning on PVC.
Thanks for all the help,
PS. Was able to suck fishing line through conduit with my shop vac; saved buying a >50' metal fish tape. Just tied a bit of a plastic bag to the end of the line, stuck it in the conduit, and sucked it down the line.
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I'd suggest at least a #12. Not much more and you have more amps available.

<Opinion/Suggestion> Now if I was doing it I'd seriously consider #10 and a string. If you ever decide you want more power you can use the string to pull a second hot wire and install a 30 amp subpanel. Till then I'd use a 20 amp breaker.
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If it were me, I'd use 12ga and do a home-run back to the breaker box and use a 20A circuit. Again, not much additional cost, and you'll have as much power as you'll need. Or maybe even a 2-circuit multi-wire circuit (but understand how it works and what the issues are first).

If you're using a 15A breaker, IMO, I'd stick with 14ga wire. Since you have conduit, you can upgrade in the future without digging up your lawn. Additionally, you shouldn't have to worry at all about voltage drop. I wouldn't upgrade just "in case"; 50' isn't that much wire. If in 3 years you want to upgrade, then go ahead and re-pull what you need.

Just my opinion though.
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You ran the conduit, so use THWN wire. You need three of them. I would change the circuit breaker 20 20 amp and use 12 gage wire. You'll appreciate it if the refrigerator comes on when you are using the leaf blower or shop-vac.

You could use UF cable, but why? It's harder to pull through conduit and won't allow an upgrade in the future. You cannot us NM cable in buried conduit.

I would seriously consider a multi-wire circuit. It will give you twice the power, which might come in handy.

Don;t forget GFCI protection and a disconnect switch just inside the shed.
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Thanks all; all suggestions are appreciated.

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