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Arrow Installing a Second Meter

I am installing a second meter to keep track of my tenants electrical use. I am wondering how to calibrate it and what the different adjustment screws control; ie: S and F screws, and if these have something to do with the calibration and what exactly S and F means.
Thanks you.
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Bee very careful what you do. In most places in the US it would be illegal for YOU to meter and sell electricity.
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I did not know that, why do they sell meters at the hardware store then?

I did not want to sell electricity, only keep track to avoid battles of electric bills. He thinks I use more then him and I know he uses more then me etc. etc.
I guess if it might be illegal I will return my ilegal meter to the Corperate hardware store where I bought it. They shouldn't sell things that are ilegal. Or they should at least put a warning on the box....
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I doubt it would be illegal to install and read the meter but in some states there are laws as to what must be done if you are charging the tenant for what any particular meter is reading.

I ,as well did not know you could simply buy a meter from the hdwe store (although I have seen, and even installed, some elect meters for customers). I would suggest that since you bought the meter, there would be instructions as to what any adjustment on the meter would do and when and why to do it included with the meter.

If not, the manufacturer may have a website where you could look for answers.
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IF those are calibration screws then you can't adjust them properly. It would need to bench calibrated at certified facility.
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Stores and catalogs sell things all the time that are illegal in some states, even in the state they are illegal in. Some things that are illegal to use may not be illegal to sell.

I do not know what you can and can't do where you live as far as metering and/or charging for electricity for a tenant. I am only suggesting that you very carefully research what you can and can't do so that you don't get yourself into legal trouble.
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S and F stand for slow and fast. You turn the screw in the direction of whichever you need to do. The one you are probably looking at on the front is the full load calibration screw...there is another light load calibration screw on the side.
The meter will have a "test amps" printed on the front nameplate (most likely 30 amps). This is the current you would test the full load adjustment with rated volts (240) at unity power factor. The light load adjusment is made at 10% of the full load (i.e., 10% of 30 or 3 amps).

None of this will do you any good because you need something to test it against (normally a "standard" meter) which you will not have access to. However, unless the meter has already been tampered with, it will most likely be more than accurate enough for your needs.
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Did it come with instructions? If you just can't understand them (or didn't read them) at least tell us the make and model and maybe we can research what you bought.
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