lightning knocked out outlets ????


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lightning knocked out outlets ????

Hello -

Yesterday we had quite a good storm & a lightning strike knocked out 5 outlets on my first floor. I have two breakers labeled downstairs outlets. Is this type of fix something as simple as replacing the one of the two that is no longer working since the storm?

Thanks for your help.
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Where downstairs are these receptacles located? Did the breakers trip, did you reset them?
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The downstairs is three rooms, living, dining, & kitchen. Two of the receptacles are in the dining room and three in the kitchen. The living room was untouched. I checked and the breakers did not trip. I haven't noticed any problems upstairs.

I haven't gone and re-set both the of the downstairs outlet breakers, but will give that a try.
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You should already know what circuit breaker is the correct one. You should have determine ALL of the circuit breakers and what they controlled when you moved in. Your job is that much harder now that you didn't so this. Further, having this information could save your life under the right circumstances.

Since this is a kitchen, look for a tripped GFCI receptacle. first.

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