Brown wire? Whole house fan issues.


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Cool Brown wire? Whole house fan issues.

I am in the process of installing a whole house fan in our ceiling. Although I have done this before with relative ease, this time I ran into a snag with wire colors that do not match the documentation.

The fan is two speed.

There are 3 wires coming from the switch and they are blue, red and black.

There are 4 wires on the fan; one white, one brown and two blacks.

I have posted photos of the switch and fan motor at this link

The instructions that came with the fan explain the connections as follows:

1. Connect red wire on switch to red wire on fan.
2. Connect Blue wire on switch to Black wire on fan
3. Connect Black wire on switch to 120 supply.
4. Connect the ground to the ground screw on the fan.

If you look on the photos you will notice the wire colors on the fan motor do NOT match the instructions. There is no red on the fan for the red on the switch to connect to. There are 2 black wires on the fan so I dont' know which the blue should connect to. And I cannot see a screw on the motor for a ground.

Here are my questions.

1. What is the brown wire?
2. Why are there two black wires on the fan?
3. Is one of the black wires a ground?
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Contact ehe manufacturer for assistance. That is why they have toll free telephone numbers, web sites, and technical support.

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