inverter. 12VDC to 120VAC. how many amps ?


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inverter. 12VDC to 120VAC. how many amps ?

if i put a 4000 Watt inverter on a 12VDC truck, i will get a max of 4000
watts ,33 amps at 120 VAC correct?
but, will the inverter need to draw 4000 watts, 333 amps DC, to make that much AC?
in other words, i would be better off buying a generator.

i was just wondering if my math was right.

it takes 4000 watts DC to make 4000 watts AC, correct? and it watts, divided by volts, equals amps, correct ?

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That's correct. That's a honkin' inverter. Mine is 2000W and I thought it was big. Now, it's only going to pull from the battery proportionally to the 120V load. So, you can use it at lower wattages, but you'll still need some really big cables to the battery (and a big inline fuse), and preferably add a second deep-cycle battery or keep the engine running.

A generator is really much more practical at these power levels.
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i already knew if my math was right, it wouldnt be possible. or at least, not practical.


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