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Unhappy House Electrical Problem

I have house that has all lights, wall plugs, ac, etc. working properly UNTIL the other day.
Now 2 rooms lights do not turn on.
1. First room lights is controled by one wall switch and turns on lights at the same time( one over sink and one overhead).
2. Second Room lights is controled by one switch that turns on 6 recessed lights in ceiling.
These lights will NOT come on. I have ck light bulbs, replaced wall switches. and still will not work. I ck circuit breakers and they are all fine.
In both of these rooms there are other lights and switches as well as wall plugs that ALL do work.
PS: BOth rooms are right next to each other.

I am at a loss as to what to ck now. Had friend who crawled in attic and said all conections looked fine.

NE 1 have ideas?....wife going crazy on me!
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You probably have a loose connection or broken wire somewhere in the circuit. While this is most often a neutral (white) wire, it can be a hot (black) wire also. These problems can be time-consuming to fix as you will need to trace the likely path of the circuit and check all the connections in all of the junction boxes on this circuit until you find the loose or broken one. As a starting point, the problem is usually at the first non-working outlet (light or receptacle) or at the last working outlet. The problem could be at a receptacle, light switch, light fixture, or blank junction box.
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Check every connection on the circuit. The problem could be at a working location or a non-working location.
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Do you know whether the power to all the stuff you're having problems with is controlled by the same breaker? Are there any other problems (check the whole house)?

You said that you checked the circuit breaker, but a visual check isn't good enough. Turn all of the 15-amp and 20-amp breakers off and back on again.

Another possibility is a tripped GFCI, but it's probably not likely in your case.

Ben has identified another strong possibility. This is especially likely if the beginning of the trouble happened at the same time you were using some appliance like a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer. If Ben's theory is correct, then it's not a difficult fix but it can be time consuming.
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My first thought was a back-stabbed receptical which is not making good contact.
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"I"F -as you say, everything was working FINE BEFORE-

Might I suggest you also -for the hell of it--ask your wife/husband/kids if THEY had been "Moving" anything around in attics/basements- or the children "hooking up " anyhting they were suppose to anywhere.

In all my Basic-Home Repair projects--when everything "Before" was--as you put it too " Working Great! "--SOMETHING(s) has to have happened to CHANGE the situation.

It could be justthe wrong moment for wiring/breakers- whatever ELECTRICAL to just "go" at that moment-

I normally look for outside agencied first too!


My Upstairs Attic lights WERE working great BEFORE!--It took a few house-hold questions to find out my 7 year old "opened the upsatirs window to see the lightning better-thus letting TONS of Rain into/ON a socket that went
" Plast! "-and with water still built up on it-shorting it out and tripping the breakers as soon as they were thrown on again--

It never would have KNOWN to look DOWN STAIRS in that room were the wires were hidden from me!--especially since my Loving son PUT BOXES IN FRONT OF THE WATER POOLED area to HIDE that water got in because of him!

I Moved the Boxes! Found the water still there--turned off the house power--dried the place-replaced the socket with a new one--tested the wire-run to make sure the wires weren't fried- and everything works now!


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