Furnace/AC fan question


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Question Furnace/AC fan question

We had the furnace/AC guy out yesterday for a minor problem. When he finished, he recommended that we should keep the fan on all the time instead of setting it to auto. Has anyone ever heard of this or know why he suggested it? To me it seems like it will just use more electricity. Thanks!
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I just put AC in my house, and the guy I hired to braze the lineset and install the coil said the same thing. What it amounts to is keeping the air flowing and helping the house stay at a more even temperature.

To me it just means I get to replace the air filter more often and have a breeze in my house 24/7. My fan is set to auto.
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If the upstairs is hot all the time and the downstairs is cold all the time, then try the "on" setting. It might or might not help. Otherwise, just stick with "auto".
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Usually when you keep the fan all the time you have it on slow speed when not actually heating or cooling. this helps keep the house a t more even temperature if you areas that are warmer or cooler than others.
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Wink Thanks!

Our house is a ranch so I'm not sure the fan going constantly will really make much difference. About the only room that would benefit belongs to my 24-year-old son who should be thinking about moving out anyway. I don't care if his room is a little uncomfortable. I think I'll keep the fan on auto. Thanks for all your comments.

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