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To Mr. Nelson & Fadec,

Hi! hew here myself-"stumbled" into to this Great site looking for Dryer -30amp line Connecting instructions to a Main Service Box (Main Breaker Box OR a "Dryer Breaker Box that is Connected FIRST to the Main Breaker Box) myself when I saw this thread.


Wouldn't it be nice to have a Site that actually gives VISUALS/ Diagrams that would SHOW EVERYTHING!-besides even the Instructions that are SUPPOSE to come with appliances/hookups !(which NEVER are complete or make sense anyhow!)

If it was for the 1-2 (I am assuming) REAL Master Electricians here whose
"VERBAL" Directions were Sharp-clear-and very orderly.organized I would have NEVER "understood" the actual "Reasoning" for the ways things should be hooked up inthe first place!!

I did see one Great Piece of "advice" here-probly from an old salt in the game- that read,

" IF you are a Green-Horn when it comes to the field of wiring/electric wiring--GO BACK TO THE BASICS and READ about all the terminology- "HOW" electric works and WHAT each basic "component"(Socket,light switch,Fuse-breaker-main Box) FUNCTION is First BEFORE you attempt to just go with directions!"

Best advice I have heard too! That: and " Check the MANUFACTURES MAKE-and try at least to use Connections, Fuses, etc.- that are from the smae MAKE -otherwise your attempts to just merely take " what you got laying aorund the house you found" try to force-fit it to work!

But thanks to you two for giving me some answers too to what I was working on!

(Actually- my Poor Friend with wife and 2 new children! !- he bought the
" House from Hell " and I am trying with my above basic learning of electrics, plumbling, basic building, to help fix it up Before the end up frustrated & fighting with eachother about WHO really decided to buy this house "AS IS "!!)

Chris Darth
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Be very careful if you are "helping" a friend with electrical in his home. If something "were" to happen, you could be held liable.

There is some great advice on this site that everyone needs to heed. Definetly pick up some books at local home centers on electrical work. I bought 3 when I was installing my subpanel. Without the help of this forum, and those books, it wouldn't have been possible for me to safely install the panel.
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In my opinion, the best source of information to learn how to do something is still books. There are a lot of them out there, and they can educate with a collection of diagrams, pictures, and words. They can also present information in a structured form, and provide essential safety and technique information.

The great strength of this site is that it allows people to get individual advice pertaining to their particular situation. One of the great dangers of this is that people sometimes try to apply the advice given to others to their situation. This often leads to trouble because the two situations are not identical. I always encourage people to ask their own questions, and get advice based on their exact situation. Small differences in situations often lead to large differences in advice.

Always read the books first, and then come here with questions.

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