outdoor wiring which material best pvc,emc uf?


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outdoor wiring which material best pvc,emc uf?

im going to have to run probally 100 ft or wiring to a couple of sheds in the backyard for 120 volt 15 amp circuit. were installing sprinklers so we have some holes already dug along the route 5 inches deep or so now.

Question. according to code Is rigd metal condiut ok? 6 in deep required I believe ? is it ok to have at exactly same depth with pvc pvc lines?

or is 18in buired Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit (PVC) or uf (more digging involved I guess) the correct way to go?

Any thoughts ideas appreciated!

im In Los Angeles county code btw...
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You should consider a multi-wire circuit which will provide you twice the power at only a little additional cost.

One way to go might be a multi-wire circuit to the first shed, and then split it there with a regular 120 volt circuit to the second shed.

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