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Kitchen:Replace Ceiling Fan w/Light Fixture & Switch Problem

Kitchen:Replace Ceiling Fan w/Light Fixture & Switch Problem


Old 05-28-07, 02:02 PM
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Kitchen:Replace Ceiling Fan w/Light Fixture & Switch Problem

I will start by saying yes I've read and I removed the ceiling fan paying close attention to the wires but I'm still confused. Must be a female thing.

Removed a ceiling fan with light. Replacing it with just a 3 wire light fixture.

I have 3 cables coming from the ceiling box

Wires from each cable are
1. black, white, red
2. black, white
3. black, white

Ground wires are all connected as one

Red wire was capped when I removed the ceiling fan.

All black wires were twisted together to black wire of ceiling fan. All white wires were twisted together to white wire of ceiling fan.

When installing the new ceiling light fixture I am not sure what black and white wires in the box I should connect with the fixture black and white.

I experimented and can get power to the light fixture using 2 different wire connecting scenarios.

That's a plus that I got light to work but when I turn on the circuit breaker light comes on but the switch does not work/operate the light. Light must be turned off at circuit breaker.

When I looked at switch - black wire is connected to top, red wire at the bottom

The switch is 1 of 3 that runs off the same breaker. One of the other 2 switches controls a 2nd kitchen light (posted about this a little earlier and it got resolved) and the other switch controls a ceiling fan in adjacent room to the kitchen.

All white wires (3 of them) in the switch box are capped together.

Obviously the light fixture is not connecting with the switch, but I don't know what wires in the ceiling box will make the switch work and how they need to be connected.

Thanks again.
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Old 05-28-07, 02:32 PM
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Leave the three black wires together but unconnected to the fan. Connect the black fan wire to the red.
Old 05-28-07, 02:32 PM
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All ground wires together, including the ground from the light fixture.
All white wires together, including the white from the light fixture.
All black wires together, BUT NOT the black from the light fixture.
Red wire in the ceiling to black wire from the light fixture.
Old 05-28-07, 02:35 PM
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More Information to Add

I keep trying and now I see that one set of black/whites must be a line feed as the other light fixture in the kitchen now won't go on when breaker is flipped on.

I just don't know what all the wires are for. I think I'm even more confused because there are so many and I don't know what they are for.

The same cable may control the 2 lights but the switches work independtly.

The fixture I'm trying to get right is operated by a single switch but that switch sits with 2 other switches on same switch plate.

The other fixture I replaced was controlled by 2 switches (one of which sits next the one mentioned above).

Are you confused yet? I sure am.
Old 05-28-07, 02:38 PM
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Thanks John and Ray. I wrote more before I saw your replies. Going to try now and let you know what happens.

This forum is great. I'm learning a lot and love it. It's a good feeling being able to do this on my own.
Old 05-28-07, 03:03 PM
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Thank You! Thank You!

It worked!! Once I read your instructions - it was duh! It was so logical.

Thanks again.

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