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help in repairing underground wiring for pool

We had underground wiring installed for our above ground pool. Quite a distance from the pool, we have several boulders that we were not able to dig deep enough for the conduit to be buried deeply, hence, the lawnmower cut through part of it. Is there a way to repair this section without digging up the entire length of wiring?
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You will most likely have to cut the bad portion out, and splice in new wire in a junction box.

You should really try to get this conduit buried. It can be very dangerous, especially seeing that this conduit is for a pool.

You should have started a new thread, but I'm sure a Mod will create it for you. This thread is over 2 yrs old.
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Please always start a new thread for a new issue.

What you have is an incorrect installation from the start. Pool wiring cannot be on the surface of the ground and must be buried.

The only to make this repair is to start over. Individual conductors (required for a pool install) cannot be spliced inside conduit, and the only way to repair the conduit is to remove the wires and start over.

Start digging. If you have boulders you cannot remove, then go around them.
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sorry about not openning a new to this. thanx for your help.
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Not a big deal about the thread, but it's easier for others (and you) to follow if they don't have to skip over unrelated issues.

Can you provide more information. I'm a little concerned about your setup. if the lawnmower cut the cable, then there must have been cable exposed, or perhaps PVC conduit exposed. Neither of these is proper for a pool installation, or for any installation.

Further, pools are very code intensive (for good reason) and there could be other issues that you should correct at the same time.

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