Adding a ckt breaker to a full panel


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Adding a ckt breaker to a full panel


I am expanding the LR/DR and wants to run new circut to power up the additional lights/ceiling fans and new Plasma TV. My home is 14 years old with 125Amp service and the breaker panel has no room to add new breaker. I need to add a 15Amp ckt and I heard it can be done by replacing one of the existing breakers with double breaker. I have Challenger brand for breakers and are: 50 Amp for A/C, 40Amp for Oven, 20 Amp for Kitchen and a number of 15Amp breakers. I realize that I may add another box but, I prefer to do it in the existing panel. Appreciate any tip on how to ge about obtaining such a breaker.

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The label on the panel should tell you whether it accepts tandem breakers. Or often, the model number gives it away. Can you tell us your panel's model number?

You should also do a calculation to determine if your 125-amp service is large enough to handle the new total load.
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One suggestion. Add at least a 20 amp circuit. Don;t waste your time with a 15 amp circuit when a 20 amp is no additional work, minimal additional cost, and 33 percent more power.

Personally I would add two new circuits, and give the plasma TV it's own dedicated circuit.
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John & racraft

Thank you for the feedback. I looked inside and outside the panel but unfortunately I can not see a make nor a model number.
1) Is there another way to check if a panel accepts tandem breakers?. Of course, I need to confirm my demand does not exceed the 125Amp, which is the capacity of the main breaker.

2) If I decided to add 20 AMP tandem(s), should I run 2x12 instead on 2x14 wire?

3) Is there a good source to get tandems for Challenger breakers?

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14 AWG will only handle 15A, so 20A will need 12/2.

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