Am I allowed to install my own Panel?


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Am I allowed to install my own Panel?

hi there

i'm new to this site so please don't yell at me if this was answered - i did a quick search and didn't find anything...

we have an old breaker box in our house and it needs replaced because they don't make the breakers for them anymore - so i bought a new panel with new breakers

i am wondering - i'm not a licensed electrician but i do know how to run wiring, and can manage a new panel install (have seen it done, have been taught how, etc...)

my question is - since i'm not licensed, am i allowed to remove my old panel and install my new one myself?

i know how to disconnect the main power from the meter - and according to my electric company (in PA here) once a panel is installed by disconnecting the power from the meter - they come out to reseal the meter and inspect the new panel

i also called an electrician and they want to charge 600-1200 for the work which i figure i can do myself...

is this allowed?

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this is controlled by your local building department.

Most likely it would require a permit as well.

Give your local building department a call and ask them.
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Depends on where you live, which you didn't say.
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can you do it ?

depends on local reg's , around here yes homeowner can do his own work , does need inspection though
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The question ya can do it ??

The answer is yes it possible but there is quite few code it will have to be covered when ya dealing upgrading to new breaker box.

So,, I really strongly recomoned to understand the code and numbers of wires etc etc ...

And also i will add this to the list this will be pretty common as well you will end up replaceing the meter socket as well [ if going from 100 to 200 amp service that is mantory to do it anyway ]

new ground rod[s] as well

Please check with your local codes what they require and heed the inspector what they want to meet thier NEC and Local code[s] if have it.

you will have pretty good chance to replace the service entrinice cable as well.

If you have more question please do post it here

Merci , Marc
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You can do your own work, but it needs a permit and inspection. Contact your local building code office. Codes exist for the reason to keep our homeowners safe. Red tape is a pain, yes. You and your family's safety issues can be even more painful. Don't take chances.
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cool thanks guys

i didn't know if i would need be licensed or need a permit, etc...

i live in the city of Reading, PA
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In probably 95% of the U.S., single-family home homeowners can do electrical work on homes they both own and live in, with a permit. In a few other places, homeowners can do their own work but only after passing a test. In the remaining places, all work must be done by licensed electricians. There are usually more restrictions in multifamily buildings and rentals, and even more restrictions in commercial or industrial buildings. A call to your building department will get you the rules for your area.

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