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New panel

I just had my service panel upgraded from 60 to 100 amps, and I am a little unsure oof what it is that I paid for. The work that was done only took about 4 hours, and the bill was 2400.00 dollars CAN. (this is in Calgary AB.) basically a new mast was installed and a new 64 slot 100 amp panel was intalled. Also 2 GFI outlets were added next to the panel (on the existing circuits), as the house is old and the circuits were ungronded 2 prongs. A junction box was added because the panel moved a few feet. No new wiring was run. other than in the mast, and in the short run from the junction box to the panel. In the original panel there was only about 8 0f 10 slots being used, so as you can imagine it wasn't much wiring work.

here's the thing, the elctrician reused the 50 year old brekers in the new panel, rather than installing new ones, he also took my old 60 amp panel with him when he left. There was a bout 4-5 hours labour involved. Is this standard practice?

As a side note, I have taken down all of the existing gypsum walls in the basement near the panel, and the wires, switches,junction boxes are now left exposed (though, they are firmly fastened to the remaining studs), will this be a problem when the inspector comes to examine the panel.)
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I don't know about Canada but if what you describe took place in the US I would say that you got screwed royally.

Are you sure about the new panel being rated at 100 amps and having spaces for 64 breakers? In the US it is extremely doubtful that a 100 amp panel would be approved for a replacement and 42 breaker spaces is the maximum for any panel that would be installed in a residence.

Reusing old breakers in a new panel is absolutely unheard of and might even be a code violation depending on the manufacturer of the breakers and the new panel.

The open walls are not a problem for the inspector. All the junction boxes need to remain "accessable" after the wallboard is replaced.
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Price sounds high to me as well. The parts except for the wire are probably under $500. Wire is expensive but probably not more than $500.
In Canada we have no limit on number of breakers in panels. You can get 72 space panels.
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For comparison, the exchange rate is nearly 1:1 right now -- that's about $2,200 USD. I think you got seriously ripped off. A 100A panel replacement with all new parts should have been half that cost.

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