Kenmore Range Arcing/Zapping etc.


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Red face Kenmore Range Arcing/Zapping etc.

Let's start with some back information really quick:
We had our electrical upgraded in our home to 200amp service when we bought it a year ago. The stove originally was hardwired to the wall. We had them put in a receptacle for the stove. We put a cord on the existing stove so that we could plug it into the new outlet (it was a Kenmore also I think). We had a buzzing/arcing sound coming from the control panel where the dials are. Went through the home warranty and got the stove replaced last year. They kept replacing parts and it kept doing it. Sounded like it was going to cause an electrical fire.

So, we have a new Range, Kenmore brand. It is doing the same thing. It sounds like an arcing, zzzappping, buzzing, snapping, crackling noise. Not completely constant. But happens a lot - only when using the burners. Not when using the oven.

I was going to call the electricians to see if they could trouble shoot the electrical they installed, but wanted to see what you all thought on here. Is it possible that the electrical to the oven is bad? Could the outlet be bad? Or should we try replacing the $25 cord to the stove? Thanks in advance!

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I think these guys might be able to help you out. Your thread has been moved here.

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thanks for moving me....just in case
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Hey, Kansas, how's it going? Who installed the cord on the new range? Was it there from the beginning? Are all the burners securely pushed into the plugs? This can cause arcing.
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Check (or have checked) these three things first. Turn off the breaker before doing anything.

(1) Check how well the wiring is connected to the receptacle in the box. Look for signs of arcing.

(2) Check how well the plug fits in the receptacle. Again, check for signs of arcing.

(3) Finally, check how well the cord is connected to the stove. Again, check for signs of arcing.

Then dig out the stove installation manual. If you don't have it, you can probably find it on the web given the model number. Depending on whether the plug has three prongs or four, check to see if the cord is connected to the stove according to the correct instructions.

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